TRIT is governed by a Board of Directors, made up of representatives of Tanzania Government and the Tea Industry. An Advisory Panel of distinguished people reviews the research and technology transfer programme annually. The Tea Association (TAT) office in Dar es Salaam provides logistical support to TRIT.


  1. Mr. F. Kiragu Unilever Tea Tanzania –Chairman
  2. Mr. P. D. Rowland Wakulima Tea Company – Vice Chairman
  3. Mr. N. Lindsay-Smith Mufindi Tea Company
  4. Dr. F. Myaka Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives
  5. VACANT Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives
  6. Mr. M.B. Assenga Tea Board of Tanzania
  7. Mr. Bhupinder Mamik Mohammed Enterprises
  8. Mr. D. V. Singh East Usambara Tea Company (EUTCo)
  9. Mr. M. H. Umande Tanzania Smallholder Tea Development Agency
  10. Prof. B.J. Ndunguru Tea Research Institute of Tanzania
  11. Representative European Union Delegation Tanzania (co-opted)


  1. Mr. Chris Flowers – Mufindi Tea & Coffee Company
  2. Dr. John Bore – Representative of Tea Research Foundation of Kenya
  3. Prof. N. Y. Mdoe – Representative of Sokoine University of Agriculture
  4. VACANT – Representative of Ministry of Agric. Food Security & Coop.
  5. Dr. H.E. Nyirenda – Representative of Tea Research Foundation of Central Africa
  6. Prof. B.J. Ndunguru – Executive Director – TRIT